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What is an online community?
Our online community, otherwise known as Church Community Builder (or CCB), is a web based tool that helps our church engage, empower, and encourage. It contains relationship building tools to connect you with your church and with each other to help you become fully integrated into who we are.  It is a tool that aids in communication and community building.  It must be stressed however, that it does not override other tools of communication/relationship building (phone calls, emails, cards, etc) and it should never take the place of meeting together in person on a regular basis.

Is it for me?  What can it do for me and why should I use it?
Yes it is for you (assuming you are over the age of 12)!  Although no one will be required to use it, there are a number of ways that it can be beneficial to you, such as:
- Finding groups to join and places to serve
- A communication hub for your groups and volunteer teams
- Online giving and viewing of giving history
- Finding contact information for a friend or acquaintance (once they give you permission to view it) ultimately becoming an always updated online church directory
- Viewing calendars: both church-wide and specific to the groups you are in
- Registering for activities and events 
- Your ability to keep the church up to date with your most current contact information

How do I get started?
If you have never received a username, you can request one with this link, or by the "Register" link that is always present in the green bar at the top of our church website.  If you already have a username, you can access it through the "Login" link in the same green bar along the top of our church website, or by logging into through the box below. Once you log in, you will find links in the welcome message to this basic user walk through, and a welcome video.  These are a great place to start exploring.  If you have any questions or concerns regarding this process, don't hesitate the contact the church office at 772-2461 or  

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